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Fire Alarm Monitoring and Protection Services

Full-Scale Fire Safety Protection

As thousands of Chicagoland companies are affected by fire each year, fire alarm maintenance is more important than ever. But even the most well-maintained alarm system can’t help in an emergency if nobody is alerted.

In addition to regularly scheduled fire alarm maintenance, choosing to implement fire safety protection services will make a difference should an emergency arise.

Get Help Fast with Off-site Fire Alarm Monitoring

When a building and its occupants are at stake, every second counts. By partnering with Allegiant, you can rest assured that your system is monitored around the clock – even when you aren’t in the building.

Fire Protection Services and Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring is the link between your system and the local authorities’ dispatch centers. By connecting your automatic fire detection system to our alarm-receiving center, our staff can act immediately on your behalf to keep your building and belongings safe.

Our alarm center is fully staffed 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We guarantee an immediate response to a sounding alarm: Staff will act quickly to dispatch the local fire department and provide a personal call to you.

To get started, call us today at (630) 506 – 5535. Or, send a query via our contact form.

Allegiant Fire

Our team of experienced technicians and savvy support staff are dedicated to fire safety services. Building managers and business owners can trust us to safeguard their property in case of an emergency. Our clients know that their fire protection systems function correctly.

We take care of compliance so you don’t have to. You can’t always prevent an emergency, but you can count on Allegiant to act swiftly and professionally.