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A Guide to Beginning a Trade Career in the Fire Protection Industry

Want to know a secret? The truth is that some people don’t need a college degree to land a well-paying and fulfilling job. The time spent sitting in a classroom may be better spent gaining experience in your chosen field. In fact, 46% of U.S. college graduates are in jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s or graduate degree. Also, for some people, college is a poor investment. College tuition rates in the U.S. have risen more than 1130% over the past three decades. It’s harder than ever to see a return on your college investment.

A Trade Career is an Excellent Alternative to College

In a trade career, you can gain experience immediately and don’t rack up substantial debt in the process. There is currently a high demand for tradespeople and historically, trade careers tend to be recession-proof. In particular, trade careers in the fire protection industry are booming, well paid, and always in need. Between now and 2024, job demand in the fire protection industry will continue to increase by 6%. Further, jobs span both in the private fire industry sector and with the government and universities. 

There are some exciting jobs to be found in the Fire Protection Industry that pay, on average, upwards of $43,000 – $53,000.

  1. NICET Certified Sprinkler Technicians inspect, test, and maintain fire sprinkler systems.
  2. Fire Alarm Installers install, modify, maintain, program, and repair fire alarms.
  3. Certified Fire Extinguisher Technicians perform routine inspections and maintenance on portable extinguishers. 
  4. Fire Alarm Service and Inspection Technicians test the functionality of equipment, connections, alarm signals, and correct any issues with equipment.

Working in the fire protection industry comes with many benefits. These positions offer a variety of customer contact opportunities and new job sites or locations every day. In addition, positions in the fire protection industry generally come with generous benefits packages, which include health and dental insurance, a 401K retirement plan, and paid time off. And who can forget the bonus of protecting lives!

Want to find out more about if the fire protection industry is right for you? Companies like Allegiant Fire Protection serve large industries by building a tight-knit team.

Allegiant believes that employee appreciation is the key to success. We are proud of our company culture and how it positively impacts the work that we do. Visit our home page and then check out current job openings to see if beginning a trade career with Allegiant is right for you.

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