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4 Ways Fire Alarm Systems Help Firefighters Respond to a Call

Installing an efficient and reliable fire alarm system is one of the most important lines of defense you can have for your commercial property. These systems are required by law and are an essential tool to help firefighters responding to an incident at your building.

Imagine the property you own has an electrical fire start in the warehouse, during operational hours. Think of how many staff are on-site when this fire protection emergency breaks out. How might a fire alarm system help the firefighters dispatched to your building?

Fire Alarms Automate Communication to the Fire Department

Fire alarms automate the communication from the scene of an emergency to the fire department.

Monitored fire alarm systems are connected to the fire department either by phone, cellular dialer or a network connection. This is important because the fire department is alerted the moment your system goes into alarm rather than the time delay of waiting for a person to notice the fire and call themselves.

The time between when a fire starts and when employees can get to safety is crucial. Research from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that within “eight minutes, a fire is beyond the room of origin, and people are eight times as likely to die in a building fire after those eight minutes.”

Having a fire alarm system in place that can automatically contact the fire department means emergency responders can arrive faster.

Fire Alarms Help Identify the Origin of the Fire

Modern fire alarm systems with addressable intelligence can identify where the fire started. This information helps firefighters respond to the fire without having to search for it, saving precious seconds and maximizing their efforts.

Fire Alarms Trigger Sprinkler Systems

Comprehensive fire alarm systems include a connected automatic sprinkler system. This is a vital component in aiding the fire department.

Sprinkler systems can reduce deaths by 88 percent and the NFPA reports that there have been no reported multiple-death fires in buildings with fully functioning systems.

Sprinkler systems are designed to suppress fires by reducing the rate of heat release. Cooling down the fire helps to prevent it from spreading.

While sprinkler systems are not designed to fully extinguish blazes they can help isolate the fire, keep it from spreading and make it easier and safer for firefighters to complete the job.

Fire Alarms Improve Response Time and Accuracy

Fire alarm systems are a valuable tool in aiding firefighters, but only if they are working properly.

Fire code requires these systems to be inspected at least annually to ensure the system is detecting smoke and heat correctly. Maintenance and testing should be performed by a licensed and trained professional who can verify your system is functioning as designed.

Fire-related loss is much more likely to occur in incidents where fire alarms are not working properly.

A reliable fire alarm system is a valuable tool for firefighters responding to an incident at your building.

To ensure the safety of your employees and to aid the fire department, you should install a comprehensive system and make sure that it is tested annually.

Allegiant Fire Protection wants to protect you and your greater Chicago area property from fire damage. Let our team of experienced technicians and support staff help you identify the right fire alarm system for your location.

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