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So choose a company that does it right.

At Allegiant Fire Protection, our team of expert technicians and support staff understands the importance of fire protection. We are proud to provide world-class fire protection services including design, installation, service, and maintenance of fire suppression to fire protection systems.

By working with us, building managers and business owners can be sure that their property will be safe in case of an emergency thanks to our around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance. In addition, our NICET-certified technicians inspect and test systems regularly to ensure all compliance guidelines are met.

You can’t always prevent an emergency, but you can always count on Allegiant Fire Protection when you need us.

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At Allegiant, it is our mission to provide our clients with exceptional fire protection services to defend their greatest assets from disaster.


We are driven by our dedication to our customers and employees. Through this dedication and continued education, we strive to become a leader in innovative fire protection solutions.


Integrity: We fulfill our promises to keep your building, business, and employees safe.

Accessibility: We strive to communicate with our clients in a timely and efficient manner, whether on the phone or by returning messages quickly.

Communication: We pride ourselves on our professionalism and honesty in every customer interaction.

Accountability: Should a mistake be made, we take ownership and fix it quickly. Moreover, we learn and grow from them.

Education: We are committed to continually training our employees and educating our clients.

Your safety: Why we go to work each day.


At Allegiant, we work hard to provide unmatched service in every job we do. We value our clients and take pride in doing our work accurately and completely for each one.

We also value our employees’ safety and skills. That’s why we invest time and money into their NICET certification. Our lead technicians are, at a minimum, NICET Level Two-certified in water-based testing.

For information regarding our affiliations or training process, please give us a call at 630-506-5535.


For more information about employment opportunities, visit our career opportunity page.

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